Who's Wonderful

These days the we are inundated by the media with persistent bad news. As we all are aware, conflict and suffering abound.

Here at Enlightenment Online we want to honor and bring attention to individuals who, through their work in the world, are a true source of inspiration and wonderment. In the midst of our difficulties, we need to pay attention to the Wonderful.

Some of the people we chose to highlight will be those making contributions to the world in the form of social service. Others may be wonderful because of their artistic or scientific contributions. Still others may be examples for us from the world of business or finance or teaching. Some may already be well-known, while others might only be known to the small communities they serve.

We hope you will follow up with the links we provide to find out more details about these wonderful people and in some cases, find avenues to help them with their important work.

But mostly we hope that you will feel inspired and uplifted in coming to know something about these sources of human hope and inspiration.

(Please note that people appearing in our Who’s Wonderful section are not associated with Enlightenment Online and have been chosen by our editorial staff).

Dr. Denis Muwege
This month I want to bring attention to a man whose dedication and tireless courage has brought hope to tens of thousands of women who have been victims of rape and sexual brutality in the ongoing conflict in the Congo.

Kristen Henderson
Kristen Henderson is the wife of a Navy Chaplain who has dedicated herself to helping military spouses and families find the help they need in meeting their unique challenges.