Is this website totally free?
Enlightenment Online is entirely free.

Just set up an account and you will have unlimited access to the entire site.

How often can I watch the videos?
Once you set up your free account, you can watch the videos as many times as you like.

If I set up an account, is my information shared with any other website?
Absolutely not. Your information will remain private and will never be sold or otherwise distributed to any third party.

Am I automatically included in an email list if I sign up?
When you set up an account, your email address will be added to the Enlightenment Online mailing list.

We will then be able to keep you up to date on all of Jason Shulman’s upcoming events and teaching workshops, as well as events/programs/teleconferences offered exclusively to Enlightenment Online members.

Who Is Jason Shulman?
Jason Shulman is an internationally known spiritual teacher and the founder of A Society of Souls, The School for Nondual Healing and Awakening, based in the United States and Europe. ASOS offers various programs of study in the healing and meditative modalities that Jason has created based on his background in Buddhism, Kabbalah and Western psychology.

For further information, see “About Jason” on the Enlightenment Online site. Further information can be found on the Society of Souls site: www.societyofsouls.com.

Where can I find Jason Shulman’s books and/or CDs?
All of Jason’s published work, as well as his music CDs, can be purchased at www.societyofsouls.com.

Please note, Jason’s music on Enlightenment Online is entirely free. Some of the songs we plan to include on Enlightenment Online are exclusive to the site - that is - they are not available for purchase, and as such, can ONLY be accessed by members of Enlightenment Online.

Jason’s music on Enlightenment Online can be downloaded to your computer and/or mp3 player, and can be emailed directly from the website to be shared with friends.